London Chamber Of Commerce 33 Queen street, London, EC4R1AP (nearest stations, canon street, mansion house and Bank)

Monday 24th and Tuesday June 25th

Increase your sales performance by 300%

Sales Mastery Intensive

Elevate Your Sales Game & Achieve 300% Growth in 6 Months or Less!

Using Techniques Utilised By The UK's Top Sale Coach Navin Jaitly

Come & Join Us In-Person For The Live Sales Workshop.

  • Are you a solopreneur / small business owner?

  • Are you not making the sales revenue, the income or the business impact that you want?

  • Are you finding that your not generating enough quality leads and even if you are then you are not getting those leads to convert into actual paying clients?

You know that you have a product/ service of great value, but enough people are not currently seeing the value and deciding to invest in it.

You know that you and your business has so much more potential. Is this leaving you frustrated, disappointed, anxious or disheartened?

If that above resonates with you then you need to join my 2 days, in person Sales Intensive Workshop taking place on the 24th and 25th June at the London Chamber of Commerce Head office

Join Us Live For The Sales Mastery Intensive

Monday 24th and Tuesday June 25th

Day 1 - 10 am to 5pm.

Day 2 - 10am to 4pm

London Chamber Of Commerce, 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP

During the workshop we will go into detail around

the following topics.

  • How to develop your sales confidence and a better relationship with selling

    5 great strategies to develop a high-performance mindset that will boost your sales and overall success

  • How to most effectively set powerful sales/ business goals and how best to set out achieving them

  • How to organically generate great sales leads

  • How to most effectively structure great sales conversations

  • Killer sales questions that will help you massively increase your conversions

  • How to most effectively handle objections

  • How to use the FAB model to increase leads and conversions

  • Advanced negotiation tools that will help you play business on your terms

  • How to sell to different people and personality types

  • How to close sales more effectively

  • And a whole lot more.

Limited To

Only 20 Spaces

Meet Your Host :

Navin Jaitly

Hello, it's Navin Jaitly here, and I'm genuinely excited to connect with you.

Over the past 17 years, I've immersed myself in the world of sales, and it's been quite the adventure. Along the way, I've been fortunate to receive recognition through various awards and opportunities to share my insights as a keynote speaker.

Through my consultancy, I've had the privilege of assisting entrepreneurs in enhancing their sales strategies, resulting in over £12 million in additional revenue collectively.

Beyond my consulting work, I'm also an author, aiming to share practical knowledge to benefit others in their sales journeys. Additionally, I hold certifications as a performance coach and hypnotherapist, believing that success in sales is deeply intertwined with mindset.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey of growth and learning.

Let's work together to unlock your full potential and achieve remarkable results in sales. I genuinely look forward to meeting you at the mastery incentive.

By attending this 2-day workshop then you will learn the tools, techniques and strategies that have helped many of my clients increase their sales by up to 300% within just 6 months.

By joining, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn how to increase your sales leads, convert more of those leads and ultimately increase your revenue, income and impact. Say goodbye to frustration and disappointment and say hello to abundance and prosperity.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!


Navin Jaitly.

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